ZERUM PRO GEL 900G (Wild Strawberry)

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How to use: ZERUM PRO - GEL (odor neutralizer) presents in its exclusive formulation, a powerful Odor Neutralizing agent and during use, it undergoes the natural wear of moisture and volume, so it must be mixed inside its container Meanwhile, so that the GEL grains not exposed to contact with air, allow the Neutralizing Agent to be released.

Its use can also be extended over time by recharging with the ZERUM PRO refill - RECHARGE.

DO NOT USE WATER FOR YOUR RECOVERY, this will only return the moisture, but not the presence of the Neutralizing Agent and the effectiveness of ZERUM PRO - GEL would be greatly compromised.

Suitable for applications in: Smoking rooms - Kitchens - Bathrooms - Warehouses and Trash cans - Indoor gardens - Workshops - Offices - General Storage Areas - Ventilation and / or Air Conditioning Ducts - Automobiles - Caravans and Motorhomes - Public Transport and Private in General - Basements - Parking - Boats - Canals and any Delimited Area, affected by the presence of unpleasant odors.

Uses advised against: It loses much effectiveness in Open or Very Ventilated Environments and in Large Surfaces. Exercise caution in the presence of children, since they could mistake the GEL grains for candies

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