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Exceptional power and performance come together in the Ignator HeroLED T720W Driver, a revolution in lighting! This advanced equipment of six LED bars, with a power of 720W and a voltage range of 200-240V, takes your crops to the next level.

Experience full spectrum efficiency thanks to Full Spectrum technology, providing 1950 PPF with an efficiency of 2.7 PPE.

With the Ignator HeroLED T720W Driver, you can rely on complete control over the light intensity, as it has with a connection for an external PWM controller (30%-100%). In addition, its power selector allows you to choose between 720 W, 630 W, 500 W, 360 W or turn it off according to the needs of your crop.

Installation is effortless, since the driver comes pre-mounted on the device, facilitating installation with just open the equipment. The driver is built with high quality components and cutting-edge technology specifically designed for horticulture.

With IP44 certification, the Ignator HeroLED T720W Driver is resistant to dust and splashes of water, ensuring safe and reliable operation in growing environments. Free yourself from space restrictions, since, this The equipment adapts perfectly to low rooms, growing racks, vertical crops, shelves and cabinets. cultivation.

Elevate your crops to the next level with the Ignator HeroLED T720W Driver, where power and simplicity come together. found to give you exceptional results. Get ready for success!


  • 720W 220-240V
  • Efficacy 2.7 µmol/J
  • 1950 PPF
  • 1980 Samsung Chips
  • 6 Bars
  • L85:50000h
  • Ta: -15ºC +40ºC
  • CE RoHS UKCA certificates
  • Connection for external PWM controller 30%-100%
  • Power selector: EXT 720W 630W 500W 360W OFF
  • Driver WITHOUT INSTALLATION. Already mounted on the equipment.

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