VG Garden - 10 Round Peat Pots - 12.6x9.5cm

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VG Garden - 10 Round peat pots 12.6x9.5cm

VG Garden presents its peat pots, made from biodegradable organic materials.

They will be very practical for you to plant your seeds and cuttings, as they are suitable for young plants that need a flourishing root system development. This is what VG Garden peat pots allow, the structure of which facilitates the circulation of water and air.

You can therefore put in the ground, by repotting or transplanting directly and simply, your seedlings with fragile roots, your horticultural or market gardening plants already in their peat pot.

To do this, take a pot made of peat and fill it with potting soil. Water the latter well, saturating the pot well with water. Thereafter, plant your seed or cutting in the soil and place it in a place where the light is soft. The pots can just as easily be placed under a transparent lid or in a greenhouse. After that, you can transplant your biodegradable peat pot directly into your garden or into your flower box / planter, remembering to cover the pot with soil.


  • material: biodegradable peat agglomerate
  • size: 9.5 x Ø12.6 cm
  • shape: round
  • quantity: 10

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