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TT Fan with TSC electronic speed control module with temperature sensor.

TTUN model fan with electronic temperature and speed module is the perfect solution for ventilation of greenhouses or any other premises requiring permanent temperature control. The fan is equipped with built-in TSC electronic speed control module with temperature sensor providing fan speed automatic control as a function of the air temperature.
The TSC front panel is equipped with two control knobs for presetting the minimum fan speed and the maximum indoor temperature level. The module is fitted with indoor temperature sensor located either remote (4 m long and protected against mechanical damages) or mounted inside the casing.
The LED indicator for thermostat switching on is placed at the front panel of the fan.

max 187 mc/h

Speed min max
Voltage [V / 50-60 Hz] 1~ 230
Power [W] 21 33
Current [A] 0.11 0.21
Maximum airflow [m3/h] 145 187
RPM 2180 2385
Noise level at 3 m [dBA] 27 36
Max operating temperature [°C] 60
Protection rating IP X4

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