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3 SPEED - Inline mixed-flow fan in sound- and heat-insulated casing with the air flow up to 540m3/h.

VENTS Stream series of duct fans in a special sound-insulated casing, which ensures silent operation of the fan with high aerodynamic characteristics.
Compatible with air ducts with a diameter of 100 to 160 mm.
VENTS Stream fans combine the wide capabilities and high performance characteristics of axial and centrifugal fans, providing a powerful air flow and high pressure.
They are used in supply and exhaust ventilation systems of various commercial and industrial premises with increased noise level requirements.

The casing and impeller are made of high quality and durable plastic.
The internal perforation of the casing allows sound waves to pass through, directing them at a certain angle to a layer of sound-absorbing material.
The casing is internally heat- and sound-insulated with a 50 mm mineral wool layer.
The special perforation of the casing and the sound-absorbing material ensure sound attenuation in a wide frequency range.
Due to the conical shape of the impeller and specially shaped blades, the circular speed of the air flow is increased, providing higher pressure and performance compared to standard axial fans.

The diffuser, the specially profiled impeller and the directing vanes at the outlet of the fan casing distribute the air flow in such a way as to attain the best combination of high performance and high pressure at low noise level.
The fan casing is equipped with an external sealed terminal box for connection to power mains.

Single-phase energy efficient three-speed motors with low energy demand are used.
The fan motors are equipped with thermal fuses for overload protection.
The ball bearings provide a long service life (about 40 000 hours of continuous operation).
The motor protection class is IPX4.

The three-speed motor can be controlled using a built-in switch (option "V") or an external switch for multi-speed fans (purchased separately).
A built-in speed controller (option "P"), an external TRIAC or autotransformer speed controller (available upon separate order) enable smooth motor speed control when connected to the maximum speed terminal.
The models with the "T" option are equipped with a turn-off delay timer, adjustable from 2 to 30 minutes.

The fans can be installed at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the duct system.
Mounting at any angle relative to the fan axis is allowed.
In one system, it is possible to install several fans in parallel to increase the air flow or in series to increase the operating pressure.
The fan casing is equipped with mounting brackets for floor, wall or ceiling mounting.

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