UGRO XL BRIQUE with Mycorrhizae

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UGro XL Brick Rhiza is a 5kg block of pressed and dehydrated coconut, composed of peat in fine particles with a low percentage of fibers and mixed with endomycorrhizae (5%). It allows to obtain up to 70 liters of peat with only 18 liters of water.

Looking for better results?

A more efficient root system? Try UGro XL Rhiza . We have enriched our traditional coco block with endomycorrhizae to create this new mix that will take good care of your plants. Through a symbiotic association with roots, endomycorrhizal fungi can provide nutrients and water otherwise inaccessible to plants. These are very thin filaments that penetrate the cell wall and thus participate in the extension of the root system. They also improve the resistance of plants to diseases and other pests.

Advantages of UGro XL Rhiza:

o The root system is more extensive thanks to the formation of a large network of filaments in the soil.
o It gives the roots a better uptake of water and nutrients, allowing you to save up to 50% of water and fertilizers.
o Your plants will be more resistant  to stress, disease and other  pests.

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