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From rejuvenating plants from home to maximizing yields and potentials in commercial hydroponics, FlashClean is one of the most powerful tools for growers !

Eventually, all cultivation systems will create a fertilizer residue as a natural part of the growth process. This accumulation leads to an accumulation of salts that could block the drippers, create invisible accumulations on top of the ground or substrate, and finally cause your plants an excess of stress and even radical damage. With today’s highly concentrated fertilizers, and high EC levels held in many systems, nutrient blocking can be an invisible limit to your cultivation ;

FlashClean solves these problems and many more :

Dissolves accumulated salts from fertilizers
Corrects the balance of fertilizers
Solves the blockage of nutrient absorption
Nourishes microbial life and recharges ground and coconut
Maximize the final stage of growth (especially with FinalPart)
Specially developed to dissolve mineral salts, FlashClean unlocks the bonds between minerals and substrate and allows you to rinse off excess residues. This release helps the plants better metabolize the remaining fertilizers, especially in the crucial week just before harvest.

Unlike the other "flush" and end products on the market, FlashClean is not an acid, is not based on enzymes, and does not release magnesium or other mineral additives in your system - this makes it especially flexible : with FlashClean" you can give your system, and to your plants an incredible cleaning at any time and at any stage of growth.

No matter what type of system you are using - indoor or outdoor, no substrate or hydroponics, pots or culture beds, FlashClean is easy to use : Wash only with water at the correct pH and apply.


In hydroponic systems :

To reset and refresh when changing fertilizers, or after an excess or block : add 1.5 to 3 ml/L in water with the correct pH. Use at a smaller amount for young or brittle plants, and a larger amount for more vigorous plants, close to harvest. Circulate in your system for 24 hours with FlashClean only before adding fertilizers to your tank. No need to empty the tank from the FlashClean first.
As the final "flush" / after FinalPart : Change the old solution and add 1.5 to 3 ml/L with water at pH controlled for at least two days before harvest to increase the sugar level.

In soil & in mixtures with inert substrate :

To reset and refresh your substrate, or after a nutrient blockage : every 15 days fill a watering can with water and 1.5 to 3 ml/L of FlashClean. Water until the water starts to come out of the bottom of the pot. Start normal fertilization again with the next watering.
As a "flush" finish / after FinalPart: use 3 ml/L of FlashClean instead of fertilizers during the last two days before harvest to increase sugar levels and avoid losing aromas and active ingredients with a long flush of water only.

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