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A water refrigeration system within hydroponic systems.
It is capable of cooling volumes of water up to 2000 liters of solution.

The HY2000 chiller and heater comes standard with a heater built into the unit (previously, it had to be purchased and installed separately).
The integrated heater offers better control over the water temperature and can be operated via the digital thermostat.

Particularly suitable in those situations where the water temperature could exceed 22 degrees and it is necessary to cool it to keep the dissolved oxygen value in the nutrient solution high and thus avoid the proliferation of pathogens and the risk of root rot.

The products of the Tecoponic line stand out for their reliability and high performance, above all thanks to the quality of the components used, such as the high-performance compressors capable of maintaining low noise and lower power consumption.

Main Features TECOPONIC HY 2000 Chiller And Heater:

- Digital display with water temperature reading.
- The temperature setting range is 18-22 ° C (64 - 72 ° F).
- Compact design and easy to install, the condenser is an integral part of the structure.
- It requires very little maintenance.
- Equipped with inlet and outlet with 3/4 "thread and relative hose connectors.
- An external pump (not included) is required for operation to push the solution through the chiller.
- Equipped with resistance, therefore it is also enabled for heating.
- Made in Italy design and construction.

Technical Specifications TECOPONIC HY2000 Chiller And Heater:

  • Power supply: 230V-50Hz (other power supplies available on quantity)
  • Electric cooling: 440 W
  • Ecological gas: R134a
  • Minimum Water Flow: from 500 l / h to 800 l / h
  • Air flow: 160mc / h
  • Tank Volume: up to 2000 lt (water temp. 20 ° C - ambient temp. 30 ° C - thermal load 0,5 w / lt)
  • Dimensions: mm. 310 x 310 x 524 (h)
  • Connections: 3/4 "fitting - 16mm tube int.
  • Maximum setting: 35 ° C

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