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The Master Sorter 500 is a state-of-the-art cannabis flower sorter designed to be seamlessly integrated into the automated workflow of the post-harvest line or used individually.

Classify cannabis flowers by size. Thanks to its over 2 m of sorting surface, its 9 sorting belts and the possibility of separating into more than 7 formats, it makes it the most versatile machine in the sector.

  • Made of stainless steel, without any type of paint.
  • Independent motors for input and output
  • Allows you to work with fresh and / or dried flowers
  • Speed ??control that allows you to adapt to the variety of the flower and the pace of work
  • Function indicator with LED lighting system
  • Emergency stop for maximum safety
  • 2m separation zone, the largest on the market
  • 9 sorting belts in food-grade polyurethane
  • 7 size dividers included, for total customization
  • triples production by adding incoming tapes
  •  Sound level 55db
  • Quick disassembly without tools
  • Stainless steel surface for effective cleaning by simply applying hot water and master clean
  • designed to meet GMP requirements
  • Stainless steel swivel wheels for easy rolling
  • inlet hopper to facilitate work and increase production
  • Possibility of storing the final classified product in boxes
  • 220v 50Hz electrical connection
  • Machine dimensions 350x104x117cm
  • IN / OUT motors power 95w / 250w
  • IN / OUT speed regulator 100RPM / 26RPM
  • Dry production 90Kg / h

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