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Sanlight - Evo 4 set 80 x 80 cm

The EVO Sanlight 80 set contains everything you need for a growing area of ​​80cm x 80cm.

The set is composed of:

  • 1x EVO 4-80
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Pack of Sanlight pendant lights (2 pcs.). Load capacity of 34 kg each
  • 1x Sanlight EVO Magnetic Dimmer


EVO 4-80:

With the EVO series, Sanlight has combined all the experience and the latest technologies to offer the top of the range of Led luminaires for growing plants.

Benefit from maximum flexibility, better efficiency and longer life with the EVO series.

Efficiency is not just a number in the data sheet

The EVO Series offers advanced efficiency of over 3 µmol/J at the module level and particular attention was paid to area and time yield during development. In numerous tests with various plants, the spectrum has been optimized.
The resulting broadband light spectrum extends beyond the conventional PAR range and offers a far-red to red ratio that positively influences photo-morphogenesis, and thus also the quality and quantity of the crop.

Light protection and control

During the development of the EVO series, the secondary protection and orientation optics were optimized to the dimensions of the luminaire. The result is incredibly homogeneous illumination with the best light intensity (PPFD).
The asymmetric secondary optic also minimizes photon loss to plants and protects the LEDs from environmental influences to which the luminaire is exposed during plant cultivation. Water and chemicals cannot penetrate the LED. Thus, oxidation is prevented.
The optics can be easily cleaned. The protection and the possibility of cleaning guarantee you a constant luminous flux for many years.

The best technology

OSRAM High Power LEDs power the reds and far reds.
For white LEDs, Seoul Semiconductor's patented WICOP technology.


EVO 4-80

A single EVO 4-80 is quite sufficient for an 80x80cm grow room. Due to the construction of the secondary optics, the light distribution is excellent and allows easy cleaning.
Gain height with the use of 2 Sanlight luminaires.




  • Optimized for areas of 120x120cm
  • Without added CO₂
  • Tilting secondary optics


Sanlight EVO Magnetic Dimmer:

Suitable for all EVO SANLight LEDs. The dimmer consists of a socket and a switch (key ring format)

The luminaire can be used in 4 stages (100%, 80%, 60% and 40%) proportionally lowering its electrical consumption. Each lamp needs its own dimmer, which is plugged into the dedicated socket on the luminaire.

  • Provides access to the Sunrise function
  • Does not fit Q series.

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