Sanlight - 50w - Q1W DIM Eu - Dimmable led horticultural system

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Sanlight - 50w - Q1W DIM Eu - Led horticultural system

The new version of the Q1 comes back with an integrated dimmer! The new power supply now includes a dimmer to directly control the light intensity via a rotary button, in steps of 20% in steps of 0% – 20% – 40% – 60% – 80% – 100%.

The Sanlight Q1W has been designed for domestic and horticultural lighting. It offers maximum flexibility, especially for small growing areas. The combination of high-quality luminaires and power supply technology that guarantees high light output with long life and high energy efficiency. Passive cooling increases reliability and ensures quiet operation.

The light spectrum emitted allows the cultivation of young plants. Depending on the growth stage and plant genus, the light intensity per unit area can be adjusted by the number of individual modules. So you are always able to create the optimal lighting solution for your individual cultivation needs.

Technical characteristics

• 120 µmol/s
• Full spectrum
• 50 W power
• 90° beam
• 2.7 µmol/J
• Full 3 year warranty
• 90% light output after 100,000 hrs
• Compact
• Quiet cooling
• IP40

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