Sanlight - 245w - Led horticultural system - Q6W S2.1 Gen2

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Sanlight horticultural LED, more than 100,000 hours of lighting possible

With the Sanlight LED fitted with a 2mm² chip from Osram, the light output is at its maximum, with more than 15% more power than its competitor, for the same technology.
Guaranteed energy savings compared to an ordinary cultivation system.

The Led Sanlight is equipped with a light dimmer, for control according to the necessary lighting needs.

This horticultural lighting is reliable with an ultra-efficient light output and resistant over time.

The technology developed by Sanlight has a 90° lighting precision, which allows to have practically no light waste.
More than 95% of photons captured and made absorbable by horticultural crops .

The homogeneous lighting of the Sanlight led allows you to have dazzling results in the greenhouse or in the cultivation tent .

The cooling of the Q Gen2 series is very efficient and silent thanks to the very large aluminum heat sink.
When your environment is overheated, the Sanlight LED will remain reliably cooled.

As you have understood, the Sanlight LED has great competence, but also a modern design with easy maintenance.

The Q Gen2 series is ''Ready-to-Dimm'' which allows a choice of lighting between an economic or expert mode .

Eco mode:
 Very low power consumption, about 25% for my expensive than an HPS, but equivalent to a light output of an HPS, (No dimmer needed)

Epert Mode: Maximizes harvests with intense light output while remaining less expensive than a regular lighting system. 

The functions of the Led Sanlight are controllable by Bluetooth, such as the dimmer, the interlocking of the lights. It is even possible to individually manage modules connected in series.

The continuous broadband light spectrum is designed for professional horticultural cultivation in the growth or flowering phase , is ideal for fruit crops .

Equipped with a serial connection , which allows you to connect and use several led modules at the same time.

Wieland connector .

Technical information:

  • Model: Led - Q6W - S2.1 Gen2
  • Power: 245W
  • Power Factor: <0.95
  • Input voltage range: 90 - 305 VAC
  • Module efficiency: 2.7 µmol/d
  • PPF: 624 µmol/s
  • Emission wavelength: 400 - 780 nm
  • Permissible ambient temperature: 5° -40° C
  • Beam angle: 90°
  • Operation: + 100,000 hours of lighting
  • Weight: 6.15kg
  • Maximum relative humidity: 90%
  • Protection class: IP40

 Size: 825 X 119 X 174mm

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