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The BLACK Root Pouch line is the most durable semi-degradable root bag available.
Root Pouch is the only fabric container company that offers blended fabrics of natural fibers.

260g/m2 blend of natural fibers
Semi-degradable 4-5 seasons
Recommended uses: Grow room, Indoor Growing

• Soil - Natural fibers absorb water from the surrounding soil. The bags are strong enough to allow mechanized harvesting and soft enough to minimize damage during transport, allowing for expansion without requiring specific drum protection.
• Pot in pot - Thanks to the trapping pruning, it prevents the roots from escaping outside the tissue and avoids the need for any pruning in the air of the root bread.
• Above ground - Pruning of the roots produces a dense and fiber-rich root system.

"Whether you are using the Root Pouch for in-ground or above-ground growing, Root Pouch offers the most advanced root pruning technology available." - JCA

• Resistant to UV rays
• BPA free
• Non-toxic
• 100% recycled materials in a blend of PET and natural fibers

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