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Root Builder from Green Planet is a spectacular root complex that has been enriched with a large number of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms whose mission is to condition and improve the substrate of our growing medium and stimulate the roots of our marijuana plants. This product is totally organic so it is ideal for use in organic farming both during the growth and flowering periods.

With this root stimulator what we achieve is an improvement in the structure of our soil and a more oxygenated substrate, which will favor the absorption of all types of nutrients (organic and inorganic), thanks to a more powerful growth of the roots of our plants. of marijuana.

More powerful roots provide more vigorous growth for our plants and therefore greater resistance to pests, diseases or stress situations. Furthermore, this product will ensure that our substrate conserves moisture much better and maintains a stable and balanced PH, ideal for achieving great yields in our crops.

We can also use Root Builder to recover substrates already used in previous plantations and recondition them to face new crops with complete guarantees of success since it provides a large number of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that decompose the organic matter in the old substrate and They convert it into nutrients.

Its application is quite simple since we will only have to apply it to wet or irrigated soils as a treatment before or after sowing.

Ultimately, with this powerful additive we will achieve marijuana plants with a more powerful and efficient root system, in addition to improving the structure and conditions of our substrate to achieve much more productive crops with healthier and more vigorous plants.

Functions and characteristics of Root Builder from Green Planet:
- Stimulates the root system of our marijuana plants
- Provides more vigorous and healthy growth
- Increases the resistance of plants against diseases, pests and stress
- We improve nutrient absorption and assimilation
- We improve the structure of the substrate
- Revitalizes already used substrates and conditions them for new crops -
Improves and enhances the flowering period

Composition of Root Builder from Green Planet:
- NPK 0.5-0.3-0.5
- Nitrogen 0.5%
- Phosphorus 0.3%
- Potassium 0.5%

Dosage of Root Builder from Green Planet:
- Move the product very well before application
- It can be used both during the growth and flowering periods
- We will have to apply a dose of 0.5 to 1 ml for each liter of water
- Use PH and EC meters in our growing media to achieve the best possible results in our crops

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