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Thanks to our continuous hard work in selecting and breeding the best genetics, one of our most popular strains of all time has reached a new milestone. In 2023 expect an improved, more refined version of our Purple Lemonade Auto, with even better yields and boasting up to 25.5% THC. Needless to say, our staple purple strain is now better than ever. Purple Lemonade Auto arises from a meticulous cross between purple and citrus Cali varieties with our own autoflowering genetics, making this Indica-leaning hybrid one of our best purple genetics. This is the ideal autoflowering strain for those seeking special strains as this strain not only yields up to 550g/m2 in 9 - 10 weeks but also produces the most mouth-watering resin. Expect a delicious blend of sweet, sour, and citrus terps that come hand-in-hand with a two-part high that starts with more Sativa-like effects that gradually fade out, leaving you in a peaceful state of mind while its Indica side hits you with a refreshing wave of bodily relaxation.

Bud Description


This variety grows beautiful purple flowers with light green sugar leaves and rich orange pistils scattered all over, on top of that, this variety tends to develop rose pink trichomes which give the flowers a gorgeous pinkish hue by harvest time. Purple Lemonade Auto buds smell exactly how you would expect; As soon as you break the buds open the whole room will be filled with a sweet citrusy aroma with sour notes that get sourer and sourer as the scent works its way through your nostrils. Definitely a unique variety fit for the most demanding growers.

Smoke Report


Our Purple Lemonade is an Indica-leaning hybrid like no other. Users will experience a primary uplifting kick, that, in the best-case scenario will leave you with a giggling fit, but that otherwise will keep you uplifted and content. That kick then progressively turns into a wave of bodily relaxation, that won’t leave the smoker couch-locked, not drowsy. With approximately 25.5% THC this strain is great for daytime smoke or a relaxed evening buzz, making it a great all-day strain for everyday consumers.

Plant Appearance


Expect Purple Lemonade Auto plants to grow up to 80 - 130 cm in height (about 3ft) while yielding up to 550 gr/m2 indoors and  300 g/plant outdoors. This strain develops multiple thick side branches with lots of bud sites and long fan leaves, making a great contrast between the bright green stem, the dark purple bud development, and the darker green and purple sugar leaves growing around the buds. A beautiful strain with great internodal spacing and an excellent option for growers seeking colorful autoflowering varieties.

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Grow Tips


Thanks to the great internodal spacing, Purple Lemonade will make for a great candidate for LST. She’s a vigorous and sturdy grower and grows equally as well indoors as outdoors. A strain that will do exceptionally well without nutrients, but will perform exquisitely with good quality nutrients and proper usage. Under ideal conditions, growers can expect to yield approximately 450-550 gr/m2. The recommended flushing time is two weeks before harvest.



A long-lasting citrusy smell that the plant will carry from the beginning of the flowering stage all the way through to the curing period. Purple Lemonade Auto tastes just like it smells; On the inhale, expect a more prominent tangy lemon taste with a pungent sweet and sour background. And as you exhale, the flavors open up, revealing delicious tropical hues, giving it an all-around bittersweet fresh lemonade flavor.

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