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30%  SATIVA  -  70%  INDICA  

THC:  26,50%  CBD:  0,20%   CBN:  0,10%  

Melonade x Kong's Krush

The effect are fast hitting on the head with a mild body effect that will slowly rise with time but not to the point of getting that couchlock feeling, a perfect strain to keep active and creative during the day or to have a nice social interaction with friends or party time.

Flowering Cycle: 8-9 Weeks
Yield: High
Average height: 140-190cm 

Harvest: 3rd Week Sept.
Yield: 1000-4000/plant
Average Height: 200-400cm

Not yet introduced.


The Pulp Friction is a new beautiful chapter in the book of fruity cannabis profiles. For this cross, we used the amazing and tasteful Melonade strain, selected from the Dying Breed’s seed batch, an amazing sugary fruitiness that fills the whole mouth with a layer of sweetness when inhaling it, mixed with our sweet and powerful Kong’s Krush, the freshness of the Banana Punch combined with the power and creaminess of our Wonder Pie strain.

A perfect combination for an incredible results, the Pulp Friction has the extremely sweet terpene profile of the Melonade and that smell that stays in your nose after inhaling it, mixed with the fresher banana notes of the Kong’s Krush, and a hint of creaminess as a last note on the inhale. A beautiful mix of Banana and Melon terpenes, similar to a fresh summer fruit salad topped with some sweet cream.

The Pulp Friction grows very vigorously with many side branches and a strong main cola. The internodal length is average with a good amount of light, it can stretch a little bit if not enough light is provided.The branches are strong with a lighter green color. If the plants is grown very big, it might need a bit of support on the bigger branches, in a regular indoor setup the plant does a perfect job at holding itself.

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