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Pro-Cal from Green Planet is a powerful additive that provides extra calcium and magnesium to our marijuana plants throughout their life cycle. In addition to calcium and magnesium, this product is enriched with iron and nitrogen, with which we will stimulate the development of our plants and with which we will enhance all their natural processes.

These two elements play a fundamental role in our crops, since calcium is responsible for regulating cell development and cell division and eliminating the agglomeration of waste or residue, while magnesium serves as a stimulant for the production of Chlorophyll and plays a fundamental role in transporting energy to all parts of the plant. Iron also greatly influences the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Most growers use this product when they use soft water in their marijuana crops, since plants grown with this type of water usually have many deficiencies in both calcium and magnesium that in the long run can affect the final production of buds. . It is a fundamental additive for all those who grow in coconut substrate.

With Pro-Cal we will achieve a considerable increase in both the size and weight of our plants and it will act as a revitalizer in those plants that suffer from some type of deficiency and have yellowish leaves, recovering their original greenness in a very short time.

To achieve full development of our marijuana plants both during the growth and flowering periods, we must combine this additive with Green Planet fertilizers and additives such as Hydro Fuel Grow, Hydro Fuel Bloom, Massive or Finisher, among others. . In this way we will achieve healthier and stronger plants with a much more abundant bud production.

Functions and characteristics of Pro-Cal from Green Planet (1 L):
- Provides large doses of calcium, magnesium and iron
- Regulates cell growth and division
- Eliminates the accumulation of waste or residue
- Increases the production of chlorophyll
- Promotes the transport of nutrients to all parts of the plant
- We achieve an increase in the density of our plants
- Recovers the intense green color of plants with yellowish leaves

Composition of Pro-Cal from Green Planet (1 L):
- NPK 1.1-0- 0
- Nitrogen 1.1%
- Phosphorus 0%
- Potassium 0%
- Calcium Nitrate
- Magnesium Nitrate
- Iron EDDHA
- Iron EDTA
- Fulvic Acid

Dosage of Pro-Cal from Green Planet (1 L):
- Move the product very well before application
- It is used throughout the life cycle
- During the growth period we will have to add a dose of 1.5 ml for each liter of irrigation water
- During the flowering period we will add a dose of 2.5 ml for each liter of irrigation water
- We will have to stop using Pro-Cal when we are going to wash the roots
- Use PH and EC meters in our growing media to achieve the best possible results in our crops

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