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Diatomaceous Earth - Uncalcined - 100% natural

Diatomaceous earth is extracted from natural quarries and refined by mechanical process, without any chemical transformation, to obtain a very fine sand, composed of fossils of microscopic algae (diatoms). The sand thus obtained offers multiple applications and benefits in the garden: diatomaceous earth is also naturally rich in elements essential to the proper development of plants: calcium, magnesium, sulfur and trace elements and silica. Retains humidity and aerates the substrate.

The composition of Diatomaceous Earth

Dry matter (DM): 95%
Conductivity: 0.4mS/cm
Retention capacity for water: 75%
Retention capacity for air: 10%
pH: 5-6 Particle size range
: 0.3 - 0.5 mm

How to use diatomaceous earth for your indoor grow

Indication for use:
Diatomaceous earth is used mixed with other substrates (compound, coconut, ...) or in direct dispersion on the ground around the plants. The use of a blower is recommended for better dispersion. For plants in the ground and potted plants.

In mixture : 5-20% of the volume of substrate (density: 400g/L)
In dispersion : 20-50g per plant (young plant)
50-100g per plant (established plant).
50-100g per m² (vegetable garden).
Dosage to be modulated according to the size of the plant and its stage of growth.
Apply preferably on dry soil and renew the application after washing (rain/watering).

Precautions for use:
Wearing gloves (polyurethane coated nylon) recommended for simple handling.
Wear gloves, protective goggles and respiratory mask (type FFP2 or FFP3) if used for prolonged periods.
Indoor use, provide adequate ventilation.


Can be used in Organic Agriculture (in accordance with EC regulation n°834/200 of June 28, 2007).

Storage in a dry and closed environment for a very long time.

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