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This product is a stimulator from the Plagron fertilizer company, designed to be applied by foliar route in the growth and "stretch" phase, thus ensuring rapid absorption.
It is mainly composed of amino acids, trace elements, minerals and essential natural hormones, all of which are responsible for accelerating growth and flowering, especially in the first three weeks. Also includes seaweed extract and NPK 6-8-6 base fertilizer.

In addition, it will reinforce the health and resistance of our marijuana plants, also preventing the effects of excess salts in the substrate and the lack of water. It also increases the production of chlorophyll, thus allowing the plant to obtain more energy and to carry out its development more quickly.

Dosage and use of Plaron Vita Race:

Shake before using
Add 1-5ml of product / 1L of water
Spray the entire plant weekly until the third week of flowering
Once dissolved in water, it can be stored for up to 24 hours.

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