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The Seedbox is the perfect starter set for every grower. Every box contains a growing tray with transparent lid, 12 germination plugs and a bottle of the unique Plagron Seedbooster. Follow the clear instructions in your own language on the manual in the box and your seeds will germinate and develop into perfect plants.

The secret of this set is the Seedbooster. This stimulator contains a protective anti rotting enzyme that carefully penetrates the hard seed coat of even the most difficult seeds, encouraging the seed to start germinating. Even older seeds germinate quickly and easily. You can see the result after just a couple of days. The Seedbooster also provides a uniform growth of plants.

Packaging :
• Growing tray.
• 12 germination plugs.
• 250 ml Seedbooster.
• Manual in 12 languages.

Tips from Plagron
• The growing tray is reusable with Seeding & Cutting Soil and Seedbooster Plus.
• Place a thermometer in the growing tray for the most accurate measurement.
• Make sure the germination plugs do not dry out.

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