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This enzyme compound is truly a must-have for every modern grower.
Enzymes - strong and specialized protein molecules - are produced, among others, by bacteria and fungi and act as accelerating agents (catalysts) of a series of biochemical processes in which the molecules take on other forms.

With the help of the Enzymes biocatalyst, the cellulose and pectin groups in the dead parts of the plant, for example, the root, break down more quickly. In this way, numerous nutrient substances useful for the micro-life of the soil and for the plant itself are released.

Since the root absorbs nutrients from the micro-life that surrounds it, the stimulation of this micro-life represents an increase in the absorption capacity of the plant. Micro-life expands, as it were, the absorption surface of the root.
A good root system has many more young branches through which the plant absorbs bivalent elements such as calcium, magnesium and iron. On the other hand, micro-life offers a certain protection against attacks by pathogens.
Application: to be used during the growth phase.

Field crops:
Initial stage: 40 ml per 10 square meters
Maintenance: 10 ml per week per 10 square meters

Initial stage: 2.5 to 4 ml per 10 square meters
Maintenance: 1.5 ml per week per 10 square meters

How to use:
Dilute Enzymes in water.
Water the soil or growing medium with this solution.

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