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Fertilize according to your own choice

Plagron Promix consists of carefully selected peat. The addition of various types of fibers and perlite helps to give Plagron quality potting soils an optimal lightness and oxygen level. Promix does not contain any fertilizer, only Plagron worm humus. Worm humus ensures your soil has a healthy and rich microbial life and helps activate fertilizers that need to be added from day one. Promix is ​​therefore the soil par excellence for those who wish to better control nutrient intake. Promix provides even better performance in combination with Plagron Alga Grow, Alga Bloom and Plagron additives .

  • No added fertilizer.
  • Maximum control thanks to the freedom of fertilization.
  • Fast rooting due to low EC value.

White peat, black peat, fibrous peat, worm humus.

Start fertilization from day one.

50 liter bags.

This product can be used in organic farming in accordance with Regulation (EC) 834/2007.

Plagron Promix is ​​a blend of the finest, most carefully selected types of peat.The most diverse types of fiber results in a level of clarity and oxygen found only in Plagron-grade substrates. No nutrients have been added to Promix, only Plagron earthworm castings. Castings stimulate the growth of soil organisms and activate organic fertilizers which must be added on the first day of use.

Begin fertilizing on the first day of use.


  • White peat moss, black peat moss, fiber peat moss, worm castings.
  • Packaging
  • Promix is ​​available in 50 liter bags.
  • Advantages of Promix
  • No added nutrients.
  • Fine structure of water absorption capacity.
  • rapid rooting thanks to low EC value.

Plagron Tips

  • Plagron Promix produces the highest yields when used with Alga Bloom and Plagron additives.
  • Do not add additional nutrition for the first 6 weeks.

When can I start adding nutrition when I'm growing with Promix?

You should start with nutrition from day one. More information can be found at indoor growing the growshop of your crops.

Do I have to adjust the pH value, if I grow with Promix?

According to the 100% NATURAL Grow Style you do not have to adjust the pH value when you combine Promix with Alga Grow and Alga Bloom.

Can I germinate seeds or create cuttings in Promix?

Yes, in principle this is possible but due to the lightness of Promix it will be difficult for seeds or cutlings to absorb moisture. Therefore, it will grow less good and less quickly. Promix fibers can also hamper seeds when they are growing out of the ground. Therefore, you should use our Sowing and Soil Cutter instead.

Which soil should I choose when I want to grow with 100% NATURAL?

Are you an experienced 100% NATURAL grower and want as much control over the amount of nutrients then choose Promix with which you can feed your plants day one.Plagron Allmix, Batmix and Royalmix are all soil mixes that are prefertilized for 6 weeks. They are specially created to combine with 100% NATURAL products.

Choose Plagron Allmix whether you grow at high temperatures, with a lot of intensity, or in small pots.

Choose Batmix if you want to go for the best quality, and Royalmix if you want to go for the highest yields and natural fruity flavor.

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