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Hydro A is a highly concentrated basic mineral fertilizer, used in combination with Hydro B, in the growth and flowering phases of the plant.

With chelated trace elements to facilitate rapid absorption. Hydro A is rich in calcium, which helps the plant fight heat stress. Hydro B contains magnesium, which stimulates the production of chlorophyll, essential for plant growth.

These complement each other and provide a complete combination of nutrients. They can be used on all types of inert substrates.

Dosage and use
Shake well before use. Add a maximum of 2.5 ml of Hydro A per 1 liter of water (1: 400). For each dose of Hydro A, add the same amount of Hydro B. Use the combination of Hydro A and Hydro B in each watering.

Hydro A
NPK (3-0-1)
Ca 5.9%
MgO 0.6%
Hydro B
NPK (1-3-6)
MgO 1.4%

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