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Ocean Magic from Green Planet is a spectacular additive of organic origin that has been made from extracts of Kelp seaweed, from the north of the Atlantic Ocean, where they are preserved at low temperatures so that they keep intact all the nutrients and minerals they have. The large amount of macro and micro nutrients that it provides to our growing medium, accompanied by numerous amino acids, enzymes and natural growth stimulants, are essential to achieve faster and more vigorous development of our marijuana plants during their vegetative stage.

Kelp algae contain a large amount of auxins and cytokinins that are responsible for regulating the growth of some plants in a completely biological way, in addition to providing numerous physiological improvements to our marijuana plants.

This product is completely organic and dissolves completely in our irrigation water, so it is ideal for use in organic farming. It can be used by foliar spraying, acting as a revitalizer and recovering plants that have suffered from disease or have suffered from stress. It also works perfectly as a light fertilizer to provide optimal growth in the first days of life to young plants and cuttings.

We have to remember that Ocean Magic is a growth additive that provides our plants with numerous nutrients in a balanced way that will stimulate the development of the root system and promote great leaf formation, but it must be accompanied by a basic growth fertilizer such as Hydro Fuel Grow to achieve the best possible growth of our marijuana plants.

In short, we are faced with a powerful growth stimulator based on seaweed with which our plants will grow healthy and strong, prepared to face the flowering period with total guarantees and achieve very productive crops of the highest quality.

Functions and characteristics of Ocean Magic from Green Planet (1 L):
- Provides numerous macro and micro nutrients that promote growth
- Stimulates root development
- Stimulates the formation of leaves
- Provides vigorous and healthy growth
- Acts as a revitalizing agent applied through foliar spray
- Works as a light fertilizer for cuttings and young plants
- Improves the absorption and assimilation of nutrients
- Ideal for use in hydroponic crops

Composition of Ocean Magic by Green Planet (1 L):
- NPK 0.2-0.2-3
- Nitrogen 0.2%
- Phosphorus 0.2%
- Potassium 3%

Dosage of Ocean Magic from Green Planet (1 L):
- Move the product very well before application
- It is used during the growth period
- Apply a dose of 1 to 2 ml per liter of irrigation water on young plants and cuttings during the first two weeks -
Apply a dose of 5 ml for each liter of water sprayed on the leaves once a week
- Use PH and EC meters in our growing media to achieve the best possible results in our crops

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