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Original Moby Dick Auto is a world-renowned Sativa-dominant giant created from two of the most popular strains ever, the White Widow and Haze cannabis strains which are known for the huge delicious aroma, huge size and yields; It’s an extremely easy-to-grow variety highly recommended for growers of all levels seeking for maximum yields with minimum effort as this strain grows up to 150cm and yields up to 650 g/m2 in 10 weeks without extra maintenance. Thanks to its 23% THC, this marvelous hybrid is all about happiness as it will melt your worries away while boosting your mood, leaving you with a big fat smile on your face and ready to get things done as soon as you take the first hit, making it an excellent choice for social scenarios and busy workdays. The Sativa effect comes hand-in-hand with a mix of lemony, piney, and woody terpenes that translate into that classic aroma every stoner loves.

Bud Description 


Moby Dick Auto grows long and big dark-green buds with even darker sugar leaves and long dark-orange hairs scattered all over. Expect really thick, dense flowers with a heavy coat of resin from head to toe that sparkles under the right lighting. The outstanding bag appeal comes hand-in-hand with a pleasing yet intriguing earth, lemony, and sweet floral aroma that will make your whole room smell like a Dutch coffee shop as soon as you break the buds open.

Smoke Reports 


This monster-sized Sativa offers a happy, energizing effect that sparks creativity and will have you ready for a busy workday in no time. Moby Dick Auto’s effect starts almost immediately after the first hit, where you’ll feel all your negative thoughts floating away, leaving you in a calm, peaceful, and happy mind state with a huge smile from ear to ear. This is an excellent choice for Sativa lovers as Moby Dick Auto gives you that extra push you need through a boring day but does not make your thoughts race out of control, making it the right strain for those who look for an energy-boosting yet functional effect.

Plant Appearance


Moby Dick Auto grows extremely tall, reaching up to 150 cm in height while producing up to 650 g/m2 indoors and 300 g/plant outdoors while boasting characteristics more associated with Sativa varieties such as really long branches and medium/large internodal spacing. This variety is highly recommended for beginners as its sturdy genetics make it very forgiving to beginner’s mistakes and also make it possible to get excellent results with minimal maintenance, rewarding growers of all levels of experience with super potent Sativa bud in as little as 70 days.

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Grow Tips 


This is a very easy-to-grow variety that will not fail to deliver in quality and quantity but make sure to have enough vertical space because Moby Dick Auto grows up to 150 cm and can outgrow your tent in the blink of an eye. Due to the long side branches, it’s highly recommended to LST the branches to space them out, this way you provide better light penetration and airflow and prevent popcorn buds.

Make sure to keep Moby Dick Auto well-fed as this variety certainly needs a bit more food than most autoflowering strains due to its huge size.



Moby Dick Auto reeks of a pungent citrusy aroma with subtle touches of woody terps and a prominent piney and sweet background. On the inhale, this mouth-watering combination translates into a shockingly sour lemon taste followed by sweet and earthy undertones. As you exhale, the old-school terp blend reveals more piney and woody and oftentimes spicy flavors that tickle your tongue and leave a lingering blend of piney, lemony and herbal flavors that coats your whole mouth.

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Patrick keith
Good Genetics

Fast Buds' Moby Dick Auto is a remarkable strain that combines ease of growth with high yields and potent effects. Its balanced high, appealing aroma, and flavour make it a favourite among many cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re a grower looking for a reliable and productive strain or a user seeking a potent and enjoyable experience, Moby Dick Auto is an excellent choice.