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It is a small tool that can control the distance of the lighting fixtures. It comes with a thermohygrometer attached. In this way, we can always be sure at the & distance that we have the plants Placed under the & nbsp; E40 & nbsp; lamp holder and it has 5 bars of 10 cm, so the set is 50 cm.

Medipro measures the distance between the top of the plants and the reflector bulb, reducing the risk of plants being damaged by being too close to the heat generated by the bulb. During the entire development phase of Medipro plants, it helps to maintain the desired distance between the lamp and the crop, thus optimizing the illumination of the growing area. Medipro is modular and its height can be modified from 10 to 50 cm. The hygrotherm incorporated in its end indicates the temperature and humidity at the height of the plants.

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