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MT Tumbler 500 MED has the most advanced technology for medical cannabis peeling.
Its totally stainless steel design, materials and finishes are suitable for manufacturers who have to meet the most demanding cGMP requirements.
At the same time it complies with the regulations CE 2023/2006, CE 1935/2004, on good manufacturing practices of materials in contact with food and 2006/42 / CE and 2014/30 / EU of the CE directive.

The trimmer is made entirely of stainless steel in all parts where the product passes and / or comes into contact, as well as having inserted this material in other parts such as the top cover, the handles, the screws ... All parts are certified for food use.
The large size of the 304 stainless steel drum avoids the accumulation and dragging of flowers, preserving their quality. Also contributing to this are the hardened steel blade with food and non-stick treatment and the 11-blade coil, capable of generating 320 cuts per second. The static blade and the continuously rotating reel produce a clean cut that matches the quality of the hand cut.

Its design allows you to clean fresh and dry cannabis by simply changing the drum, in seconds and without the need for tools.

Trim wet:
• 18/22 kg / h: 15 operators
• 40/45 kg / h: 32 operators
Trim dry
• 5 kg / h: 8 operators
• 12 kg / h: 20 operators

MT Tumbler 500 MED has a safety system that guarantees the protection of the operator at all times. Its design includes a double safety detector: on the top cover and on the side cover. The integrated detectors cause a total stop of the machine if the Tumbler is opened during its operation, avoiding a possible injury at work due to improper use of the item.
The TRIMMER also includes an emergency stop located at the top for quick locking of the machine.

Basic maintenance takes up to 10 minutes and requires no additional tools. All the parts of the MT Tumbler 500 MED are waterproof, therefore it is possible to carry out a complete cleaning of the machine with hot water under pressure and a subsequent disinfection with Master Clean in all its parts in total tranquility.

Thanks to its mechanical characteristics, MT Tumbler 500 MED reaches a high speed, which allows to carry out the equivalent work of 15 operators, moreover it is designed to join in tandem with another machine of the same model, increasing production, preserving quality and maintaining safety for cannabis producers.
It is essential to have the rails available in order to give the desired inclination to the tandem, depending on the conditions and qualities of the product to be processed, a greater or lesser inclination will be given.

With the incorporation of the feeding belt, the performance of the Tumbler models will be increased and automated, achieving an increase in production of up to 30%.
By adding the output belt, you will have a comfortable quality control system, thanks to the speed regulator. With ribbons we can identify damaged and / or inadequately cleaned flowers. Both belts are certified for food use.

VACUUM PUMP: The MT Tumbler 500 MED requires a vacuum pump.

  • Electrical data: 1.125 W / 230 V.
  • Machine weight: 95 Kg
  • Machine dimensions: 120x70x94
  • Quantity of blades: 11 units
  • Blade motor power: 1.5 HP IP66 air-cooled
  • Motorized drum power: 40 W IP67
  • Machine material: stainless steel
  • Cuts per second: 320 cuts
  • Adjustable cutting height: up to 0.0010 m
  • Security system: yes
  • Decibel: 90 db

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