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The Master Trimmer professional 75 is one of the fastest trimmers that can be found in the current market. Much safer and faster than other models, this machine is perfect for large manufacturers.

Constructed of stainless steel to ensure long durability. This machine is equipped with a powerful motor and 6 hardened steel blades to get a perfect cut. With the electronic speed controller, you can control the speed of the cleaning blade without damaging the flowers. With its powerful three-phase motor there is no need to use the machine at 100%, because the motor runs quiet for a long time.

Equipped with a leaf recovery system under the blades. The height of the blades can be adjusted. The legs and containers are removable.

How to use:

  • Place the flowers in the upper container of the machine and open the lid to start the process.
  • Leave the flowers in the large container for some time and check the motor power with the speed controller.
  • Open the exit door to the clear tube once the flowers are as desired.
  • Clean the machine and empty the garbage bag when necessary.
  • Always wear protective gloves and goggles at all times. Gloves must be metallic and adequate to avoid entering the grid spaces.
  • Never put your hands or other parts of your body in contact with the grill.
  • Do not use scissors or metal materials on top of the grill.
  • Never apply pressure above the grill.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate use of the trimmer.
  • Use the trimmer in compliance with the laws in force in your country.

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