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The Air Pot 20 liters.

Dimensions of the Air-Pot : 31.5 x 31.5cm

Capacity: 20 liters

Operation of the Air-Pots:

air potIn order to grow well, plants need healthy roots.

You should know that classic pots and containers deform the roots, which is detrimental to the good growth and well-being of the plant .

The Air-Pot system promotes the vitality of the plant thanks to its patented technology and thus preserves the root system.

Air Pot provides excellent fibrous root mass. The roots breathe. 

Your plant will be able to better absorb nutrients and water, which will prevent deficiencies, and therefore promote the good development of the plant.

Can be used indoors and outdoors. Perfect for putting in a grow room.

Perfectly suited for a grow room and indoor growing. Used with Platinium soils for example.

Technical characteristics Air-Pot:

The  Air-Pots are made up of original walls with closed cones on the inside and open cones on the outside. There are no flat surfaces inside the container for the roots to begin a bending process. The cones on the inside lead the roots to the open cones on the outside where the high air density dehydrates the tips or, in other words, the cut (air-pruning).

Stimulated by the air at the tip, the root develops a dense system with a large number of young and active roots. The porosity of the Air-Pot creates better conditions for bacteriological activity which increases the nutrients available to the plant. With so many young roots to capture water and available nutrients, plant vigour and health are guaranteed.

Air-Pot is a recycled and reusable plastic container that, thanks to its design, actively develops the quality of the root system of plants. This revolutionary method of pot culture produces an exceptional root system, without chignonage. Which is impossible to achieve with other containers.

Made of recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene),Air-Pot is circular in shape, with a 3D perforated wall, like an egg box. It does not have a flat surface to deform the roots and start the chignonage. The roots are directed towards the air holes at the end of the cones, where the high air density dehydrates the tip or, in other words, the cut (air-pruning). The plant's reaction to this air pruning process is to form more roots. Thus the plants develop a dense, fibrous and radial root system very quickly. To boost your roots, consider platinum fertilizers.

Air-Pot can be made in several sizes, and several heights and can be used as a complete container with or without a base. The recent introduction of an improved design of the Air-Pot which improves the solidity of the container once assembled thanks to the transverse section of the wall, also gives a reduction in assembly time.

The benefits of using Air-Pots are:

  • Elimination of root chignonage.
  • Reduced growth times in the nursery.
  • Possibility of planting all year round indoors or outdoors.
  • Simplified production.
  • At least doubling the shelf life of plant stock.
  • Reduction of losses.
  • Superior reactions of the plant in extreme climatic conditions.
  • The Air-Pot is made from recycled HDPE.
  • Plants are more disease resistant, so less pesticides used.


Advantages comprehensive description:

Elimination of root chignonage. The 3D design of the cones of the wall of the Air-Pot and the continuous girdling by the air avoids the chignonage of the roots.

Reduction of cultivation times in nurseries. The rapid development of young roots that form and colonize the root ball ensures faster growth than in standard nursery containers. Plants are ready for sale much faster.

Possibility of storing plants at least twice as long in the same container thanks to Air-Pot . This fact gives a very important advantage not only to nurseries, but also to garden centres, where the stock of plants sometimes remains until the following season, and to landscapers whose original schedule of work is often delayed for various reasons. As long as the water and food requirements are met, the root structure will only improve from season to season.

Better reaction of the plant in extreme climatic conditions. The continuous girdling by the air always gives new roots, in particular at the base of the trunk. Root tissue is not only more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients from the soil, but it is also less vulnerable to extreme cold and heat. Indeed, in a classic container all the mass of roots is found against the wall and is more sensitive to climatic conditions.

Remarkable loss reduction. Immediate recovery after transplanting means that losses are enormously reduced and therefore the quality of the stock of plants in nurseries becomes a selling point and a guarantee for the customer.

Simplified production. The stock of young plants can be transplanted directly into 30/50/80 liter containers, reducing repotting. In the United States the plants are grown for 4 years in the same pot. In Australia the growing times for some species have been reduced by about half. In the UK ongoing trials show a significant reduction in growth times.

Air -Pots can be used with or without a base. Ideally, when Air-Pots are used without a base, the Superoots Fielder fabric should be used under the root ball. You can also use plastic film or treated above-ground canvas. The Air-Pot container must be assembled so that the cones with holes point outwards. So the cones closed inside force the roots to go towards the holes where the air cuts exactly on the end of the root.

The containers can be made in any diameter and height, it is the container that adapts to the root ball and not the other way around. Laterally growing roots are constantly girdled, downward rooting is not a problem. The root structure of plants grown in Air-Pot allows the plants to be moved after two months without the risk of losing the substrate and deforming the root ball.

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