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Integra Boost bags are the ideal solution for keeping your crop fresh and perfect.
Thanks to a patented technology it maintains a relative humidity (RH) in a closed environment.

Why choose to use the Boost?

• prevents your flower and spice plants from hardening and drying out
• prevents the creation of mold and unpleasant odors
• helps to preserve the true aroma of the product
• preserves the quality and flavors
• the flavors and aromas of your crop are not altered
• does not contain salts
• Replacement indicator papers also known as moisture indicator papers are included. They help to monitor and know when the bag is to be replaced safely.
• the package is made with edible ink

Technical indications:
• Up to 12 grams (0.5 oz) of flower, use 4 grams of Integra Boost®

• 12grams - 28grams (0.5 oz - 1 oz) of flower, use 8 grams of Integra Boost®

• Up to 1lb of flower, use 67grams of Integra Boost®

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