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The 4L Garden HumiPro automatic membrane humidifier is what you need to increase the humidity of your crop. It is programmable, it has a remote control to operate it and due to its elegant, modern, and collected design, it is also very practical for conditioning the home, especially in summer, where high pressure tends to dry out the environment of our houses. With a very low electrical cost, only 32W of consumption.

It works by ultrasound produced by the vibration of a single membrane that converts liquid water into a gaseous mist.

Thanks to its directional nozzle with two outlets, the steam flow can be oriented where it is most convenient. The humidity value can be programmed and the internal hygrometer will produce more or less steam until reaching the value scheduled.

It also has a continuous emission function for when you want to reach a high range of humidity in a short time. weather. And auto-off function if it runs out of water.

It has a remote control and an attractively designed LED screen where you can check the humidity value in time real together with the temperature. Although it can also be configured so that it does not emit registers or light if it is so want.


Once plugged in and the tank full of water, the power button lights up red, it means that the device is ready to work. We turn it on by pressing the power button or pressing the remote control distance or on the device itself. By pressing the "Fogometer" button we choose the desired humidity level. the appliance it will start to produce steam until it reaches the preset value. The auto power off function will turn it off in the event that run out of water

Note: It is advisable to place a fan nearby to distribute the humidity evenly in the room. grow room or cabinet.


  • Reservoir capacity: 4L
  • Wetting capacity < 170 ml/h
  • Consumption: 32w
  • Size: 16 x 16 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Voltage: 240v

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