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The meters become out of adjustment from the correct measurement with use and it is necessary to regulate the measurement by adjusting the meters to correct values with these solutions. It is recommended to clean the meters after use and calibrate them every month or two months depending on their use.

Careful handling and good cleaning (electrode cleaning solution) are essential for a good measurement result.

Calibrating a meter:

1. Immerse the electrode in the phosphate solution supplied with pH 7 at a temperature of 25║C and shake it gently. Allow the reading to stabilize. To calibrate it, turn the calibration screw until the reading corresponds to the value of the supplied solution.

2. Immerse the electrode in the calibration solution marked with pH 4 and follow the same procedure established and above until the meter indicates the correct measurement.

-Ph 7 calibrating liquid for pH meters

-Calibration solution

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