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Cherry Pie x Ztrawberry

35%  SATIVA  -  65%  INDICA  

THC:  24,50%  CBD:  0,30%   CBN:  0,40%  

Cherry Pie x Ztrawberry

The Razuberi is a cross of the mythical Cherry Pie, selected from seeds in our facilities, this phenotype was kept for its amazing red fruit/cherry terpenes and frosty flowers, crossed with our Ztrawberry that is one of the most compact flowers in our catalogue and provides strong notes of red fruits as well alongside some smooth Runtz backgrounds. The results is a beautiful and amazingly compact strain that express some big calyxes, covered in resin, with some potent red fruits aromas.

The effects are rising slowly but will stay for a long time, first you will feel a smooth body effect that will rise into your head and eyes slowly and make you want to relax and eat snacks.

The smell of the plant is a mix of deep red fruit aromas tending to Raspberry smells, with a deep creamy and earthy notes and finally some kind of metalic tones at the very end, inherited from the Ztrawberry and Runtz background. A beautiful combination of fruitiness with a light background of earthiness also present in the Cherry pie.

Flowering Cycle: 8-9 Weeks
Yield: 1600grams per plant.

Harvest: End of September.
Yield: 1500g/plant
Average Height: 140-200cm

Not yet introduced.


The plant grows with strong and thick stems that can hold some heavy flowers with a light green color and a medium internodal growth.  

The plant will create flower sites all along the stem that will not connect between each others and grow like pingpong balls all around the stem, with long and fat calyxes that can end up with beautiful foxtails, depending on the growing environment.

The last 3-4 flower site will end in a big and very compact top flower, producing some heavy buds covered in trichomes and with low leaf to flower ratio. A dream plant for manicure. Towards the end of flowering the plants tend to turn from green to some beautiful color hues giving the plant a beautiful aspect.

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