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Flower drying nets with 4 compartments that allow us to place a large amount of fresh material in a very small space within the grow room.
Tights to dry flowers, which allow us to place a large amount in a very small space. Ideal to dry in the same place where we have grown it, so we will avoid moving the plants at such a delicate moment.

To use it, you just have to hang it from the ceiling or from a high place so that it does not touch the ground, place your flowers on the shelves without them touching each other a lot. From time to time you have to give the flowers a few turns so that they do not take on the flat shape of the mesh. Once they are drying, we can leave them still until they dry completely.

With this drying mesh, you will be able to dry a large number of flowers in very little space, especially it is ideal for drying inside the closet itself with the extractor plugged in and the odor filter in full operation. It is available in two sizes, to adapt to the amount of flowers we have to dry.

It is ideal if you peel your flowers with a peeler, since they run out of trunks and it is difficult to dry them in another way. Available in 55cm diameter

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