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The TemPro digital controller timer is one of the most powerful and reliable on the market. With a careful and elegant design, and with its unique capacity of 3680 W, it is capable of controlling up to 6 600W bulbs. It can also manage powerful accessories such as stoves, extractors, air conditioning systems, etc.
The ideal instrument to turn on or off any electrical accessory in your crop.

The TemPro digital timer has a large led screen on its front. Just below the control button with six buttons that allow easy programming. The mode button stands out, with three modes of use On, Auto, and Off, with which you can choose the operating mode of the timer. And the Timer button, with which you can select up to 8 operating intervals, with a minimum of 1 minute operation.
It can be scheduled according to the calendar, so that it works every day of the week or only on selected days.
It has a led light that warns of the passage of current when the programmer is within a programmed time interval.

In addition to saving energy and efforts, the use of timers such as the TemPro, allow you to be sure that your installation is working correctly, activating and deactivating the equipment, without the need to personally go to the place.

With the Clock button pressed, update the current time and date. With the Timer button pressed, the number 1 appears on the screen, corresponding to the first time interval of the 8 available. Without releasing the button, the hour and minute of turning on and the subsequent turning off, at least one minute later, is set. The days of operation are set out below. Once the interval has been set, with the clock button the display shows the current time again.


  • Required current: 220 V / 50 Hz.
  • Amperage: 16 A
  • Maximum power: 3680
  • Digital timer with minimum 1 minute maneuver.

IP20 protection.

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