ECOTechnics Evolution CO2 Complete Kit

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COMPLETE EVOLUTION CO2 KIT. Panel + Probe + ElectroValve.
The EVOLUTION CO2 KIT. it is a CO2 regulator. CO2 controller and CO2 analyzer.
This regulation system is one of the best on the market.
The controller uses the latest microprocessor and infrared technology to monitor and control carbon dioxide levels in your grow area.

This kit combines the best qualities of the temperature control system. humidity. speed control of the extractor and CO2 concentration in your grow room.
Using the latest chip and infrared technology, monitor and control the Co2 levels of your crop.
It can operate with or without the CO2 sensor and can be used with both CO2 bottles. as with combustion CO2 generators.
The included sensor is very accurate. fast detection and can control grow rooms from 1 to 999m2.

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