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CO2 Effect Phase 1 and Phase 2 is a next-generation biostimulant that includes fertilization nanotechnology. Contains powerful plant nanoparticles that produce in plants what we call "CO2 Effect", it is obtained the same result that you would achieve by increasing the CO2 levels in your grow room, but without the need for using expensive CO2 equipment. And if you already use this equipment, with CO2 Effect you will be surprised by your new results.

CO2 Effect is a systemic action product capable of providing easily assimilable nutrients and energy, both at leaf level as through the roots.

CO2 effect is also the perfect complement for growers who already have carbonic fertilization in their grow room and want to increase their production, since the use of this product will allow you to raise the EC to nutrient solution and increase the rate of nutrient transport from roots to leaves without stopping that you need to increase the temperature and raise the ET (EVAPOTRANSPIRACIÓN).

With CO2 EFFECT you will easily achieve a better result and greater control of the temperature and humidity in your grow room helping you prevent unwanted fungal diseases such as BOTRITIS.

Plants increase the flow of sap, favoring a better mobilization of nutrients and water that will reach the apical areas, allowing the plants to metabolize more food without the inconvenience of a carbonic fertilization:

  • You don't need to apply CO2
  • You don't need to stop the extraction
  • You don't need to increase the temperature of the grow room.
  • Controlling the humidity in the room will be easier.

With CO2 Effect plants develop with:

More roots: Increases root mass, facilitating the absorption of nutrients.

More growth: Strengthens the vegetative development and the vigor of the plant, providing a balance balanced from secondary metabolites that activate growth.

More flowers and more growth: Promotes the breaking of buds, the generation and maintenance of flowers and healthy inflorescences.

More weight and more resin: Provides natural activators that promote the conversion of nutrients into substances from reserve, increasing the final weight and the resin content of the flowers.

Regenerative effect: Stimulates the generation of vascular tissue and helps plants to recover from rottenness root and neck.

Protective and repellent effect: Activates plants to generate repellent compounds and reinforces Wall cellular, reducing the incidence of diseases.

Osmo-regulatory effect: Increases the resistance of plants to climatic and biotic factors, provides proline and cysteine ??precursors that, in addition to increasing the metabolic activity of plants, will act as Regulable metabolites.

CO2 Effect is compatible with any range of fertilizers and its handling is simple

How to use:

  • Fill a tank or container with the amount of water you want to prepare.
  • Add the recommended dose of CO2 Phase 1 or CO2 Phase 2 depending on the cultivation week you are in.
  • Add Fertilizer to the water until reaching the recommended EC for that week and stabilize the pH between 5.5 and 6.8.

Note: Make a foliar treatment with CO2 Effect Phase 1 every week from the beginning to the end week 5 of flowering photoperiod

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