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Clean Slate is a powerful revitalizing and substrate cleaner from Green Planet that is responsible for eliminating excess mineral salts in our marijuana crops, eliminating all the residue and waste that may be in our growing medium, keeping our substrate always clean. and conditioning it to achieve a more productive and healthy harvest.

This product does not contain hydrogen peroxide unlike most similar products from other manufacturers. It also does not contain chemical agents that often cause stress situations, or reduce the rhizosphere found in our crops.

This product is ideal for cleaning our substrate when our growing medium suffers from over-fertilization, immediately and efficiently eliminating excess mineral salts, without harming the beneficial microorganisms found in the substrate. It stimulates these microorganisms to promote the assimilation of nutrients and to protect our plants against attack by pathogenic fungi. In addition to all this, it is also responsible for cleaning the roots and revitalizing them if they are affected by diseases or pests, stimulating them to achieve greater absorption of nutrients. We can also apply this product to heal wounds that occur on the stems. The only thing we will have to do is dip a brush in Clean Slate, soaking the affected areas to achieve a quick recovery.

This product is completely soluble so it dissolves perfectly in irrigation water, and can be used in any automatic or recirculation irrigation system, offering great results in crops of all types, whether in soil, coconut or coconut substrates. in hydroponic crops.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that this cleaner does not stimulate the development of strains of beneficial bacteria in our soil, so if we want to achieve this, we will have to use another product.

In short, Clean Slate is one of the most popular and powerful cleaners of the moment, with which we will achieve much healthier and more resistant marijuana plants against attacks by pests, diseases, bacteria and fungi. In addition, we will achieve harvests with buds without excess nutrients that could leave us with sour and bad flavors.

Functions and characteristics of Clean Slate from Green Planet:
- Eliminates excess mineral salts from the substrate due to over-fertilization
- Revitalizes and conditions the substrate
- Promotes the absorption and transport of nutrients
- Provides more vitality to our marijuana plants
- Increases the resistance against pests, diseases and fungi
- Valid for any irrigation system
- Valid for any growing medium (soil, coconut and hydroponics)

Dosage of Clean Slate from Green Planet:
- Move the product very well before application
- Apply regularly in doses of 0.5 ml for every 4 liters of irrigation water
- To cure root diseases, apply a dose of 2 ml for each liter of irrigation water and the next day apply beneficial microorganisms with products such as Root Buildes and Bio Gold -
Use PH and EC meters in our media cultivation to achieve the best possible results in our crops

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