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Canna Calmag was developed to increase the EC of fresh water. If you live in an area with fresh water or use osmotic water, this product is great for "hardening" your water and thus promoting the growth of robust and healthy plants.

• Treating calcium magnesium deficiencies (especially for those who work in coconut)
• Additive for those who work with fresh water (EC <= 0.2)
• Essential additive for those who work with osmotic water
• Reduce / avoid or treat deficiencies.
• Increases the absorption of nutrients.
• Stimulates better quality flowers.
• Highly concentrated.

How Canna Calmag Agent works
All Canna nutrients are designed to work with "normal" water with a background EC of calcium + magnesium between 0.4 and 0.7. "Normal" water contains calcium, magnesium (and bicarbonate) which stabilizes its pH and supplies calcium and magnesium to your plants. Fresh water and reverse osmosis water (with an EC below 0.4) do not contain enough of these nutrients. Both magnesium and especially calcium play a very important role in the metabolism, health and development of plants at all stages.

If using fresh water or reverse osmosis (RO) water, the calcium and magnesium content must be brought back to normal levels before preparing the nutrient solution with Canna nutrients. If this is not done, there is a high risk of developing deficiencies which will have a detrimental effect on plant health and the final quality and size of crops.

If you are unlucky enough to have water with an EC greater than 0.8, Canna recommends using a reverse osmosis unit to clean it and bring it to a virtually zero EC. The Canna Calmag agent can then be used to raise the EC again to 0.4

How to use Canna Calmag
Canna Calmag can be used to increase the bottom EC of fresh water or reverse osmosis (RO) water up to a level of 0.4. The water EC can be easily tested by yourself using a digital EC meter.

This product is a highly concentrated formula and must be used in a ratio of 1ml per liter of water.

Using Canna Calmag helps you manage your nutrient solution by balancing EC levels optimally creating the perfect environment for strong plant development, high nutrient absorption rates that enhance flowering production.

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