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Ventilation and temperature control

The Bullgenius controller  allows ventilation management for up to 4 connections simultaneously . 
Thanks to the thermal probe , it is easy to make precise adjustment of the ventilation speed , and to choose the ambient temperature .
it is also possible to set up an alert system , in case the temperature is too high.

When the temperature in the grow room exceeds the desired level, the Bullgenius automatically increases the speed of all connected fans , for a precise adjustment of the temperature initially desired.

There are 2 modes, auto mode or manual mode. 

Auto mode: Auto mode allows the smart controller to have a desired temperature, thanks to the automatic adjustment of the speed of the connected fans.

Manual mode:  Manual mode allows the smart controller to have a regular speed on the connected fans.

The power supply works directly in connection with a fan, without batteries and mains cables

Wall-mountable digital box.

A security function allows complete locking of the device.
An activation of the failure detection function is possible.

Ideal specific connection with: 

Bullmax silencer Inline EC Fan 594m³/h - 150mm
Bullmax silencer Inline EC Fan 1808m³/h - 250mm
Bullmax silencer Inline EC Fan 2987m³/h - 315mm

Bullfan Inline EC Fan 594m³/h - 150mm 
Bullfan Inline EC Fan 1808m³/h - 250mm  
Bullfan Inline EC Fan 2987m³/h - 315mm

For connecting the controller to a fan other than a Bullfan or Bullmax, here are the Bullfan mini jack adapters: 

Mini Jack (M) RJ45 (F)
Mini Jack (M) / 3 -PINS (F)


Thermal probe with 6 m long cable:

It allows a recording of temperature changes in the culture room.


Example of connections: 


Digital screen: 


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