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Brix + is a completely organic flowering stimulator from Green Planet, made specifically for the cultivation of our marijuana plants, providing numerous improvements to our growing medium. This additive during the flowering period increases the amount of essential oils and terpenes in the buds, so we will achieve a considerable increase in their size and improve their flavor. With this product our plants will have much more resistance against powdery mildew, botrytis and mildew, and it also helps eliminate stress situations that plants may have, greatly promoting the absorption and digestion of nutrients.

During the last phase of the flowering period, this additive provides a definitive boost in the creation of terpenes and essential oils. The Green Planet laboratories have manufactured a very complete stimulator that, among other elements, contains Mojave Yuca, fulvic acids, carbohydrates, amino acids or enzymes among many others. Mojave Yucca is a spectacular natural preservative that is responsible for killing all types of fungi and bacteria that are harmful to our plants, and also works as an active tensile agent. Amino acids are responsible for increasing the amount of essential oils and terpenes, thus achieving larger and, above all, much tastier buds. The vitamins will put an end to stress situations caused by transplants or lack of humidity during cultivation and the enzymes will favor the absorption of nutrients, their digestion and their transport to all parts of our marijuana plants.

One of the advantages of Brix + is that it is a direct application product so we will not have to dissolve it with water. We will apply it by spraying directly on the leaves and flowers, emptying the entire contents of the container into a sprayer. When applying it, we should not spray the plants under the lights in indoor crops or under the sun's rays outdoors as this could cause burns to our plants, and we must always have good ventilation and air circulation while using this product. .

Functions and characteristics of Brix + from Green Planet (1 L):

- Increases the amount of essential oils and terpenes in the buds
- Reduces stress and increases resistance against fungi and bacteria
- We manage to improve the flavor of our buds
- We increase the size of the buds
- We achieve a considerable increase in our harvest
- We promote the absorption and assimilation of nutrients

Composition of Brix + from Green Planet (1 L):
- Nitrogen 0.0002%
- Phosphorus 0.0016%
- Potassium 0.032%
- Mojabe Yucca
- Fulvic Acids
- Carbohydrates
- Vitamins
- Enzymes
- Amino acids
- Triacontanol
- Other biological enhancers

Dosage of Brix + from Green Planet (1 L):
- Move the product very well before application
- It is used from 7 or 10 last days of flowering, before harvest
- Product ready for application
- Apply by spraying on the leaves and flowers until they are soaked
- Use PH and EC meters in our growing media to achieve the best results possible in our crops

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