BLUELAB - Pro Controller Base Kit - pH, EC, tank temperature controller

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Pro Controller Base Kit, total pH, electro-conductivity and tank temperature control all in one.

In hydroponics, good control of pH, EC and temperature is essential to successfully develop your plants. BlueLab therefore offers you the Pro Controller for total control!

When the latter is connected to the PeriPod M3, the BlueLab Pro Controller will manage the pH, conductivity and temperature levels in the tanks. As your plants feed, the pH and nutrients are automatically adjusted to the desired range.

You can then monitor, record and control your cultivation system data in real time for immediate response to custom settings.

Features of the BlueLab Pro Controller

  • pH, EC and temperature control
  • Ergonomic menu for programming and adjusting settings
  • Bluelab Connect ONE stick included
  • Save your data using Bluelab Connect Software
  • Remote viewing with Bluelab ® Connect ™ software and apps
  • Simple pH calibration with on-screen instruction
  • High and low alarm control interlocks
  • Automatic resumption of dosing on restart after a power failure
  • Dosage lock to avoid overdosing
  • Replaceable Bluelab ® probes
  • Use Bluelab® PowerPod™ to connect to other mains-powered feeders and/or heating or cooling devices

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