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Worm-humus or worm castings is very high quality 100% organic worm manure that is very beneficial to plants. BioBizz Worm-Humus is used extensively in creating potting mixtures such as All-Mix and in the garden beds of the country.

Worm-Humus is also really useful for recycling potting mixtures like BioBizz All-Mix. To refresh and recycle a potting mixture like BioBizz All-Mix you would remove as much waste matter as possible from your used potting mixture and then add in 10% worm-humus and 5% of pre-mix which is the active fertilizer in BioBizz soils

Worm-Humus is not just great for rejuvenating mixtures, worm castings can also be used to create your own custom potting mixtures. Worm-humus is present in BioBizz All-Mix at a ratio of 10% and this is a good basic amount of humus to include in any potting mixture you may come up with.

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