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This Coco Mix substrate  has been developed to meet the requirements of growing fast-growing plants.

Biobizz 's Coco Mix substrate  is probably the best 100% organic coconut fiber product on the market. The Coco Mix substrate  contains coir fiber, a waste product from the coconut industry, proving to be an ideal medium for cultivation. In order to make coir fiber usable, the organic compound must first decompose over a period of time so that the fibers become soft. The material is then washed and ground before becoming the substrate we all know.

Coconut fiber contains a lot of air and little water; its pH can go down to 5 or 6. The Coco Mix substrate has been washed with pure water after the coconut fibers have been broken down in a natural way. The Coco Mix substrate  can be used in all hydroponic crops as a replacement for rock wool.

 Biobizz 's Coco Mix substrate meets the strict standards of the RHP (which regulates the trade in substrates) which means that it is approved for professional horticulture. The fiber has been intensively treated (trichoderma fungus strains) against soil diseases, harmful viruses or insect larvae. Compared to a substrate such as rockwool, coco has many advantages (there is no more waste problem, it can be recycled outdoors as high quality compost). Fine coir fibre, pure coir containing Trichoderma fungus strains.

Do you want to use Coco Mix  in combination with Biobizz products ?

We advise you to combine Coco Mix with Root Juice, Bio Bloom, Top Max and Bio Heaven.

When you use these products, the quality of the plant increases, thus, the yield is optimized.

Capacity: 50L

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