Biobizz Pre-Mix 5L (Organic Amendment Fertilizer)

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Pre-Mix is ​​a "dry fertilizer" made up of 100% natural elements extracted from organic matter, stone powder and trace elements. This mixture of active bacteria has been formulated to guarantee vigorous growth, abundant flowering and maximum resistance to disease and mold attacks.

What is Pre·Mix?

Do you want optimal growth and flowering, as well as maximum resistance to disease and fungal problems? Pre·Mix(TM) combines the qualities of different organic fertilizers, rock flours, trace elements and mushrooms, all supplied in ideal quantities in a practical and versatile bucket.

How do I use Pre·Mix?

You can use Pre·Mix(TM) as a potting or starter fertilizer. Mix it into soil or soilless growing medium, or combine it with premium organic earthworm castings to enrich the microbial life and nutritional value of your soil or planting mix.

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