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Bio-Grow is an all natural organic grow nutrient that promotes strong healthy growth and is used in soil growing. Bio-Grow is mostly used just in the veg-phase of plant development but can also be applied in the flower-phase as a supplementary nutrient or plant tonic. Bio-grow is suitable for use with most soils on the market however for best results use BioBizz Bio-Grow in conjunction with Bio-Bloom and BioBizz's excellent range of organic soils, Light-Mix and All-Mix.

BioBizz Bio-Grow can be used either by hand to manually water your potted plants or through a drip feeding run to waste irrigation system. Organic nutrients like Bio-Grow will not keep once mixed with water so you must use whatever nutrient solution you mix up inside of a day.

Bio-Grow N-P-K = 8.0-2.0-6.0

Bio-Grow is an organic liquid plant food that is to be used throughout the growth phase of the plant. Bio-Grow can also be used during flowering as a supplemental nutrient or plant tonic.

Bio-Grow Dose:
Apply Bio-Grow at a rate of 2–4 ml per Litre of water. 1 Litre of BioBizz Bio-Grow would make between 200 and 400 Litres of nutrient solution depending on the strength of Bio-Grow used.

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