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Athena Cleanse is made from the ideal (and safe) root zone optimization agents: hypochlorous acid. This mild, safe acid is derived from salt and a patented electrochemical treatment process. The result is a unique, plant-safe chemical with powerful oxidizing properties to keep the root zone clean and free of unwanted organic and mineral buildup. These special properties reduce mineral scale in irrigation systems.


  •    Non-toxic and non-nutritive: safe to use on growing plants
  •    Works to descale irrigation systems and decompose residual organic matter
  •    Effective as a final wash to remove mineral buildup (scale) in growing media and irrigation lines.
  •    Very low TDS (total dissolved solids): does not alter mineral balance
  •    Effective as a final rinse to clean growing substrates
  •    Keeps irrigation system cleaner and running efficiently longer
  •    Reduces mineral buildup in media and lines.


System maintenance:

Irrigation systems that are regularly maintained with Athena Cleanse treatment will last longer and perform more optimally at all times. This is because Cleanse helps break down scale, mineral buildup, and other organic matter that has lodged in the system.

Regular use:

Use a diluted mixture of 2-5 ml per 3.78 liters of water for regular maintenance.

Severe conditions:

Increase the rate to 5-10 ml per 3.78 liters of water to combat severe stock and growing substrate conditions.


Athena Cleanse is a must for all cloning machines and fresh cuttings. Dip fresh cuttings in a Cleanse solution (10 ml per gallon) to improve cellular health and boost immunity. Seedlings and cuttings treated with Cleanse have more vigor and are more likely to develop into robust plants. The roots of plants treated with Cleanse will be bright white and full of tiny root hairs.

These special properties reduce mineral scale in irrigation systems and growing media.

RDWC and other recirculating hydroponic systems:

Any recirculating or deep water culture (DWC) irrigation system should use Athena Cleanse to remove mineral residue and reduce scale. Irrigation water treated with Cleanse has a reduced risk of developing problems often associated with excess water and insufficient oxygen levels, such as anaerobic microbial growth and biofilm buildup.

Using Cleanse in a recirculating or DWC system helps break down materials with lower solubility rates, such as mineral complexes that are no longer available to plants. Mineral buildup and blockage is one of the leading causes of plant deficiencies and health problems – solve these problems with Athena Cleanse.

Media/System Wash Mix:

Athena Cleanse at a rate of 5 to 10 ml/gallon of water during the final wash stage to help reduce residual mineral buildup in the growing medium.

This procedure can be used at any time during the vegetative or flowering phases if the growing medium or irrigation system develops a mineral imbalance or unwanted buildup.

Foliar applications:

Mix 375 ml of cleaning with 3.78 liters of water and spray evenly. Test a small area first to make sure there is no damage.

Surface treatment/cleaning:

Spraying growing surfaces, work areas and irrigation equipment with a diluted solution of Athena Cleanse (375 ml per 3.78 liters) helps maintain a clean, trouble-free environment without toxic and hazardous chemicals. Maintain operational excellence and extend the life of equipment, such as irrigation system filters, by running treated water through the system regularly.

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