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Athena Bloom is a simple, clean 2-part formula created for the flowering stage of growing fruit and flower-producing plants. It combines top-of-the-range macronutrients and chelated micronutrients to achieve greater nutrient absorption capacity over a broader pH range in any combination of growing method, water type and medium.

This 2-part liquid blend formula should be used in equal amounts during the flowering phase to accelerate and increase production and support high-quality harvests.

The formulas are sediment-free and compatible with all dosing and irrigation systems, including fine drippers. Small amounts of microparticles may occasionally be seen under some conditions, but they will not affect the mineral balance or compatibility of the system.

Application instructions:

  • Add 2-7 mL of Athena Bloom B per 3.78 liters of water during the flowering phase.
  • See Feeding Programs for specific application recommendations.

Recommendations for use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Use clean measuring instruments; Do not put anything in the jar.
  • Always use equal parts of Bloom A and B to maintain proper mineral proportions.
  • Monitor EC (electrical conductivity) regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop and growth stage.
  • Adjust the pH to proper levels after mixing all fertilizers and additives.
  • Do not combine undiluted.
  • Store closed in its original packaging at a temperature between 7°C and 30°C.

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