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The one liter Aquaking sprayer is the perfect tool to carry out disinsection, foliar fertilization and disease treatment in your indoor cultivation. An indispensable tool that every grower should have on hand.

This small sprayer developed after extensive experience in the sector by the prestigious Dutch brand Aquaking, has a compact and ergonomic pistol-shaped design.
It has a regulating nozzle to be able to select between continuous jet or mist microdroplets. The suction tube has a practical filter at its end that prevents clogging of the duct and the nozzle.

Its transparent tank allows you to control at a glance the amount of preparation available at any time.

Aquaking sprayers are very practical and comfortable accessories to use in any garden, their small size with only one liter of capacity, makes them ideal for applying more precise and exact treatments. Its grip is one of the most ergonomic on the market, which makes it the easiest to grip.

The jet outlet can be adjusted by means of a thread, which allows you to always choose the most appropriate mode at all times.

To all of the above is added the great resistance of its plastic materials, so that the unit can be used continuously without fear that the effects of use will wear it out before its time. A simple but irreplaceable utensil that can last you a lifetime.

How to use:
Just make sure of the dose of product indicated by the manufacturer and add it to the tank of your Aquaking sprayer. Complete with water up to one liter. Close the tank lid. Pull the trigger trigger a few times and spraying will begin

Note: It is recommended to depressurize the Aquaking after each use by unscrewing the cap, as well as periodic cleaning of the regulating nozzle.

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