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RAIN system - 16 x 30L

The ALIEN ®️ RAIN ™ ️ system is a revolutionary automated sprinkler system that replicates rain. The system can be used with soil, coco or any other substrate of your choice and can be used as a recirculation or RTW (run to waste) system.

The RAIN  lid efficiently delivers nutrients and air in the form of rain. This technique removes all residual depleted nutrient salts and replaces them with fresh salts. The RAIN ™ cover blocks  the light thus preventing the formation of algae.


The SILVER series has in addition to the BLACK series a silver Polymer heat-reflecting coating and more efficient pumps and pipes.

Patent-pending Dual-Flow™ fittings are 50mm oversized for a smoother system. These fittings are over 3 times the internal size of the 32mm. They allow water to pass through slots located on the sides of the fitting, allowing total drainage of the pot.

A 50mm heat reflective silver pipe is used compared to the Black Series green 32mm.

The jars and lids are also made from heat-reflecting silver polymer.

The Silver Series features copper-plated drain covers that prevent roots from entering the piping.


Optional tank
Alien recommends a 280L tank for this system.


Benefits :

  • Complete kit ready to use
  • Imitate the rain
  • Even distribution of nutrient solution
  • Eliminates residual salts
  • Removes top surface algae
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install

Features :

  • Integrated filtration
  • RAIN™ Controller
  • RAIN™ Pump
  • SPX-Flow® Pump
  • Drainage bases
  • Copper drain cover
  • 50mm Silver Polymer Pipe


  • RAIN ™ feed pump AR01004 - 250W
    Maximum flow: 5000 L / h
  • Drain Pump
    Model: SPX-Flow®
    Max Flow: 3000 L/h
    Voltage: 12V DC

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